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Zotes Testimonials


Words From the Addicts


“The dill are awesome! Found them on a camping trip and everyone got hooked. That’s why I’m here!” – Carolyn, Highland, CA


“I am a police officer in southern Illinois. I spend a lot of time patrolling. I never got into the other seeds, but it’s good to see a company come out with a variety of tasty flavors.” – Ron, Energy, IL


“Great sh**…from a 30-year seed-eater!” – Rick, Alameda, CA


“Though many of the flavors are great, the Salt & Pepper variety are addictive. Must be comparative to CRACK!!!” – Chad, Gypsum, CO


“…I've tried the Salt & Pepper, Dill Pickle, and Beer Baked and liked them all. (My favorite so far is the Beer Baked)…but where can I find them around here? When I find a product that I like, I'm not afraid to say so and tell others.” – Phil, Lewiston, ID


“I bought your product while on a ski trip last winter in Utah and am totally hooked!!! Where can I buy them in the SF Bay area? I live in
Oakland, CA, but would travel great distances to buy your seeds. Please help me find a retailer.” – Randy, Oakland, CA


“I love these damn seeds. =)” – Dominic, Waterbury, VT


“I would like to thank the upstanding people at ZOTES for your commitment to quality control. Too many times I have been the victim of contraband substances in my packets of David’s or Frito Lay seeds. In all of my two experiences with ZOTES, I have found nothing more than sweet, sweet seeds. Keep it up, ZOTES inspectors, you’re doing the Lord’s work.” – James, Hermosa Beach, CA


“I first tasted this after purchasing them at my college bookstore. Now, I am hooked on ZOTES!!” – Theresa, Henderson, KY


“I think this is the greatest thing in the world. I have been eating seeds for 15 years, and these are the best fu*#$% seeds in the world! I greatly thank you, and I hope you’re around for as long as I’m alive.” – Vinny, Burbank, CA


“A friend brought the Dill seeds up camping, but I wasn’t able to find them again for a month! Finally found some at a small convenience store and now my husband’s addicted to the beer flavored seeds!!” – Beau, Bliss, ID


“…I am sooo addicted…thanks for a great product and for waking up my taste buds.” – Stacey, Purcell, OK


“On a recent road trip through Utah, a beautiful girl dumping pickles on herself caught my eye. I used to be all about the Spitz Brand dills, but now you win. Thanks.” – Mike, Chino Valley, AZ


“My husband is in Iraq and is requesting his favorite sunflower seeds!!” - Summer, Oceanside, CA


“I really like your seeds. In my opinion the best on the market today. I've eaten ALL the other brands and nothing comes close. Thank you for caring enough to put us seeders first.” – LeRoy, Bear River, WY


“We Love these seeds!! We can't stop eating them. We also love the bottles, way better than bags. You guys ROCK!!!” – Jennifer, Caledonia, MI


“I’m deployed in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division. I’m an Infantry man and me and a few of my friends have decided to stop chewing tobacco. We started substituting with sunflower seeds and have done well…. Our parents sent us some Zotes and we all loved them so we decided to try and order more. Thank you very much for such a great product.” – Chris, Maypearl, TX


“I was visiting my son in Albuquerque and he had some of the salt and pepper sunflower seeds. I fell in love with them, so now when ever I go to Albuquerque I try to buy enough to stock up till my next visit. I have also started some of my Bingo buddies on them. Please try to start selling them here in Clovis, NM”- Mary, Clovis, NM


“A friend that I met in Iraq last year introduced me to Zotes. I looked for them when I went back to the states but couldn’t find them. Now I’m back in Iraq and one of my buddies got some seeds sent to him and it hit me that I remembered Zotes and the taste. There’s nothing like it. So I got on today looking to order some and influence the marines out here.” – Gary, Indianapolis, IN


“I bought some before work one day, I was hooked and so was everyone else. We go through 3-4 bottles a week.” – Dan, Waterloo, IL

“My Marine asked me to order him some and I will then be sending them to Iraq. My son is in Ramidi. He is sixty miles west of Baghdad. The Marine's love these!! Thank you, Sheri (a proud marine mom)” – Sheri, Rancho Cordova, CA


“My boyfriend just left for a six month deployment with the Navy to the Persian Gulf. He is a huge salt and pepper sunflower seed fan. After the first bite of your salt and pepper seeds, I knew they were something I had to send him. Hopefully they will remind him of home.” – Bridget, San Diego, CA


“LOVE your sunflower seeds!! Bought some at Gander Mountain and they are just great.” – Sheri, Friendswood, TX


Enjoy…and keep on crackin’.

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