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jalapeno flavored sunflower seeds
Jamaican jerk
Jamaican Jerk
Sunflower Seeds
beer baked sunflower seeds
Beer Baked
Sunflower Seeds
dill-pickle-sunflower seeds
Dill Pickle
Sunflower Seeds
garlic roast
Garlic Roast
Sunflower Seeds
jalapeno sunflower seeds
Sunflower Seeds
original salted
Original Salted
Sunflower Seeds
salt and pepper
Salt & Pepper
Sunflower Seeds
hot wings flavored sunflower seeds
Tatonka Wings
Sunflower Seeds
blue cheese flavored sunflower seeds
Blue Cheese
Sunflower Seeds
corn nuts
Corn Nuts




Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds

Arizona. Hot. Angelina. Hot. Our Jalapeno flavored Sunflower Seeds? There’s not even a word for it. Get a bottle that will make you curse the day you were born, then go back for more. We double…nay…triple-dog dare you.



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